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  • Title : LED advertising vehicle selection of generator setsClick Count : 3327    Add Time : 2014-07-18     
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    LED advertising vehicle, also called media mobile advertising vehicle, with its flexible mobility, low advertisement input, sound, light, electricity and efficient combination etc. in recent years become the outdoor mobile advertising preferred, in downtown bustling metropolis or more remote rural county town will inadvertently see LED advertising cars. LED advertising vehicle but from the structure that consists of three major components: light truck, LED display screen, the on-board generator and other auxiliary equipment etc.. So how to choose the three part of the product has become the top priority for each ad owner, the other two parts may be familiar. But the choice of the generating set because most people are not very understanding of resulting in the future use of more trouble. Because the market many brands, prices on vehicle generator, quality uneven, not a perfect after sale service system or the user's choice. Zhengzhou ATLAS VENUS with its professional generator sales services and sales with LED advertising vehicle experience angle generator gives the following suggestions for the reference of the users:

    1, power: the main electrical equipment LED advertising vehicle: LED display screen, computer, power amplifier, a cooling fan, hydraulic lifting system, air conditioning, lighting etc.. If we do not consider the electric computer and other auxiliary equipment, according to the LED screen size can determine the generator power, recommendations were equipped with 800W/ square meters, such as all the screen area is 7 square meters, then the power consumption of the screen to 7 x 800W = 5600w, consider the auxiliary equipment amplifying 40% 5600w x 1.4 = 7800W, and so it is recommended to select power more than 8000w generator. Such as the auxiliary equipment can be simply estimated according to 1100W/ square meters equipped with.
    2, fuel types: currently on the market mainstream type generator into gasoline and diesel generator set, in accordance with the same brand and the same power is more expensive than gasoline, diesel generator prices, some owners did not do enough research or some unscrupulous dealers smatter to arbitrary user recommended in the selection of generator, lead users have encountered many troubles in use. Considering the load capacity, the cooling effect, maintenance, noise index, saving cost, safety performance, after sale service, ATLAS VENUS recommends users must choose water super silent diesel generator as power source. Because the diesel generator relative to gasoline engine has strong carrying capacity, good heat dissipation effect, stable speed, fuel saving, high safety performance, convenient maintenance etc.. The generator is placed in a relatively closed space, the intake and exhaust air flow requirements higher. Gasoline generators are generally above 3000 rpm speed running, the machine itself, heat faster, plus the LED screen itself electronic components of the heat, if the ventilation is not good, the temperature inside is very easy to go beyond the normal operation of generators of environmental temperature. Once a user Yamaha gasoline generator fault, measured the temperature inside the reaches as high as 80 ℃, continuous high temperature shutdown, the generator can not run. Plus gasoline burning low, considerable security risks. Diesel generator adopts water cooling, speed is generally stable, strong cooling ability, can adapt to the high temperature inside the general. Diesel engine with the same power than gasoline engine fuel consumption is much lower, will save a lot of fuel cost to the user. The use of the diesel generator is more suitable for LED advertising vehicle.

    3, low noise: in the sales process, the old meet users should buy Generators with ultra quiet, open type generator is cheap but not applicable, super silent generator applicable but high prices. Generator set ATLAS VENUS as a professional generator sales service users are advised to buy ultra quiet or ultra quiet. Because LED advertising vehicle using the sound, light, electricity to show the effect of the advertising pictures or broadcast field, bring the audience visual effect is its biggest advantage. Work environment gathered in downtown streets, community, the community, or the crowd, if the noise generator operation greatly, will not only greatly reduce LED display effect, perhaps already had no audience, even by the environmental protection department. So if users in more prosperous land (city) using the above city to choose the noise below 55dB ultra quiet units, if in the county or township optional noise index in super silent generator below 70db.
    4, the generator brand choice: there are many brand on the market variety, quality uneven, performance indicators differ in thousands of ways. As the value of several hundred thousand yuan propaganda vehicle use what kind of generator also let users a headache. Some users have the economic strength to choose imported brands, such as Kubota, Yamaha, friends, the panda brand, some domestic brands. Due to the use of high frequency LED advertising vehicle, sometimes a day should be 8 hours or more, easily more than the warranty period (usually 1 or 1000 hours, whichever is first), good and timely maintenance is very important to enhance the life of generator. But import brand a three thousand yuan greatly add to the burden of the user. Operation and maintenance cost of imported brands of late is very high. The new machine overhaul costs accounted for more than 40% of the purchase price. The new machine overhaul costs accounted for more than 40% of the purchase price. The company developed the super silent generator quality in the forefront of similar domestic brands, the price is Cape 75%, the product looks to Kipor a grade higher, at the same time, we give the refitting factory can try 1-2, someone may ask the question "what to be trial", our answer is very simple, good stuff is not afraid to try, you can always start off from work, after work, second days continue to boot, you try a week, oil costs us, this is our faith on our products. 5, Refitting Factory selection: as the LED advertising vehicle modification technology of low introductory threshold, many advertising companies, LED screen vendors and some special automobile factory in the production and sale of LED advertising vehicle, causing LED car prices differ in thousands of ways.
    At present, because the inventory LED car is not large, the traffic control department and the Department has not paid much attention to supervision, with the increase in quantity, the traffic control department will intensify supervision, standardize the licensing procedures. At present, because the inventory LED car is not large, the traffic control department and the Department has not paid much attention to supervision, with the increase in quantity, the traffic control department will intensify supervision, standardize the licensing procedures. Refit some not modified qualification of the advertising company and LED screen vendors car will bring great trouble in the licensing and inspection ways. At the same time, because of the lack of professional and technical strength, installation in generating units do not pay attention to transform into the exhaust channel, to the generator used normally bring a lot of problems. Therefore proposed that the user the best to refit qualification or directory notice professional Refitting Factory buy vehicle, or to buy Generators after the factory installed.
    6 generating units, where to buy choice: to the user after sale service without risk, users are advised to buy generators to manufacturers authorized regular point of purchase sales, some users or refitting factory in order to save the cost of buying easily believe that low-cost supply of information on the Internet, not too concerned about the potential risks of online inquiry. Because now the majority of manufacturers are using who sell service mode, some quotes online merchants no service technology and service force, even no service personnel, the lowest price quotation does not serve unspoken rule, and even some marketing of fake and shoddy products. Therefore, although the purchase to see to save some money, but to use to pay more. The final position or the user's own. Therefore, to remind the user must understand the business qualification, or the nearest to the qualified business investigation and purchase.

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