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  • Changchai Engine Company Name : Changchai Co., Ltd.

    Changchai Co., Ltd. is not only a nearly century-old national industrial enterprise, but also the first listed company in the national agricultural machinery industry and Changzhou city. Now Changchai has both A and B shares with the 561 million total share capital, three holding subsidiary companies and four share participation subsidiary companies. We are provided with an annual output of 1.2 million diesel engines. So far, we have manufactured more than 2,500 million diesel engines that ranked the number one in the domestic market, and our products have been exported to 78 countries and areas.
    Changchai single-cylinder diesel engines consist of ten series products: S, ZS, R, F, L, D, SQD, H, T series and heavy-duty applications. The multi-cylinder diesel engines include 75-80,85-90,4 L, 102 series products. We produce more than 1000 varieties and the power output ranges from 1.7kW to 80kW. The products can be widely used as power unit for pickup,light-duty truck, low-speed vehicles, tractors, combine harvesters, generator sets, engineering machinery, ship propulsion, etc.

    A “Changchai” trademark is identified as the earliest well-known trademarks in China. We won the National Quality Management Award twice in 1983 and 1988. In 1993 we firstly passed the ISO9000 certification in this industry. The single-cylinder diesel engines won the title of China Famous Brand Product in 2005, and National Inspection-free Product in 2007. We passed the ISO14001 Environmental Management System Certification in 2009 and the ISO/TS16949 Quality management system certification for automotive in 2010. Changchai brand was continuously selected by “500 the most valuable brands in China” and Top ten “the most influential brand of internal combustion engines in China”. With the brand value of 2.795 billion Yuan, in 2011 Changchai was ranked by “500 the most valuable brands in China”, and was listed as 357th.

    Changchai possesses advanced internal combustion engine manufacture equipment and technology, which introduced the advanced casting, processing and the internal combustion engine testing equipment from the USA, Germany, Switzerland, Japan, and Austria. We owned the state-level enterprise technical center and Postdoctoral research workstation. Now enterprise technical center has the powerful technical skill with more than 500 various technical staff. So far we have obtained 74 national patents and about 500 items new project. Many types of multi-cylinder diesel engines got the State Ⅱ, Ⅲ Emission Standards, 52 models under 50PS passed the U.S EPATier4 and 17 models obtained ECIIIA. We got the passport of entering the European and American market. At the same time, our products have been adopted with Dongfeng Motor, Jinbei Vehicles, Foton .Etc.

    The corporation has built a national sales service network, 12 sales service units, 31 sales service center, over 400 after-sales nets and 600 special maintenance stations. These sales net stations can be found everywhere. In the small and medium diesel engines industry, our service system is the most complete and its coverage is widest. We would provide the high quality, the most efficient and prompt service to our customers.

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