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  • CHINT Company Name : Chint Group

    Chint Group has developed to be the leader in Chinese industrial electrical equipment production and clean energy fields.

    Chint has a total assets of over USD 30 billion and 29,000 employees. Business of Chint ranges from low-voltage electrical products to power transmission and distribution equipments and services , instruments & meters, building appliances, automobile parts, industrial automation, PV power generation, equipment manufacturing,etc. Chint is also the largest clean energy supplier and energy efficiency management solution provider with the most complete product ranges in China. Our products have found ready markets in more than 100 countries and regions, including Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa, etc.

    Chint heads the list of China’s Top 500 Private Enterprises in comprehensive strength

    and has been retaining the No. 1 rank among all manufacturing enterprises in Wenzhou for consecutive years in amount of tax payment.

    Zhejiang Chint Electrics Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the Group, is the largest company in terms of production and sales volume in the low-voltage electrical products industry in China as well as the first listed company specialized in low-voltage apparatus on Shanghai A Stock Market. According to the Global Challengers research report published by Boston Consulting Group, Chint is expected to be one of the 33 Chinese enterprises that are most likely to change the global industry pattern and challenge the centuried multinational comapnies.
    Chint, among the counterparts, was the first to pass the ISO9001 Quality System Certification, ISO14001 Environment System Certification and OHSAS18001 Occupation Health Safety Management System Certification, and has also passed other certification programs, including China Compulsory Certification (CCC), International CB Safety Certification, America UL Certification, Finland FI Certification, Belgium CEBEC Certification, Netherlands KEMA Certification, Germany VDE Certification, etc. Currently,

    the Group boasts more than 1,000 Chinese and international patents, and has led the formulation and revision of tens of industry standards.

    Chint’s success in researching and developing plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) equipment, China’s first thin-film solar cell manufacturing equipment representing the international advanced level, was deemed to have achieved the “zero breakthrough” of China in clean energy top-end equipment field.

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