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  • Jichai Engine Company Name : Jinan Diesel Engine Co., Ltd.

    Jinan Diesel Engine Co., Ltd. has spent the last 88 years. Remembrance Jichai heavy course many twists, how many hardships, how many struggle, economic firewood perseverance, indomitable will, the spirit of courage, to enable enterprises from major oilfield powered engine plant the development of China's non-road use in high-speed, high-power diesel engine and gas engine manufacturers and service providers. Jinan Diesel is a booming trend, impressive performance, standing proudly in the Chinese non-road use in high-power internal combustion engine industry. Innovation and development in the magnificent development of economic globalization in the 21st century, is the eternal theme of the century. Jinan Diesel Engine To achieve a high level of cost-effective, sustainable development, and must be so gifted, bigger, stronger, we must continue to adhere to culture through strategic cooperation with domestic and foreign suppliers, the development of socio-technical, advisory bodies and relevant industry partners, and improve the core competitiveness of enterprises, building international oil drilling the mainstream power equipment manufacturing enterprises. Development Goals Jichai of all staff Jichai bounden responsibility and mission.

    Jinan Diesel mainly produces three leading models: Land 2000, 3000 and 600 series power 200 ~ 1740kW diesel engines and supporting units; marine line 4-cylinder, 6-cylinder, 8-cylinder, V-8-cylinder, 12-cylinder power 180 ~ 1100kW diesel engine and auxiliary generator sets; gas (including natural gas, coal bed methane, coking coal, gas, biogas and other multi-gas) 30 to 1500kW gas engine and ancillary units. The products have passed the ISO9001 quality system certification, issued by the State Bureau of Technical Supervision and the State Administration of Commodity Inspection national quality system certification. Products are available in 123 varieties, 270 models, the technical level, the total production and market share in the domestic power engine manufacturing top.
        The company has won the national level measurement units outstanding units of the Device Manager, National Customer Satisfaction Enterprise, National excellent repair service outlets honorary title "Jichai card" trademark was awarded the first famous trademark in Shandong Z12V190B type diesel engine is high-speed high-power diesel engine family, the only national quality gold products, was named "Shandong Famous Brand" National Customer Satisfaction products and national energy-saving products. Z8V190 diesel and 300 ~ 700kW diesel generator sets for provincial (ministry) quality products. The new R & D and manufacturing G12V190ZL type diesel engine in June 2003 was named "Shandong Famous Brand".
        Jinan Diesel has become in recent years due to the good performance of the company and growth enterprises listed companies in China due to the outstanding performance concern. Its ROE constantly rising, the stock become a veritable blue chip stocks in China's securities market.
        As key projects in oil and Shandong Province and Jinan City, Jinan Diesel is designing the building of a new plant, the new plant is located in the Economic Development Zone of Jinan, the goal is to reach the international advanced level of the domestic first-class. The new plant plans to fully operational before the end of 2005. New Jichai set of R & D and manufacture of integrated, diesel and gas engines simultaneously, land use, marine, power generation, engineering supporting multi-purpose non-road use in high-power internal combustion engines of modern manufacturing enterprises.
    The oil Jichai mission is to provide a more distinctive products and services to create customer value. The vision is to rapidly and excellent, bigger, stronger, high-power internal combustion engine first brand to create a Chinese-made, established a leading position in the high-power internal combustion engine industry in China in the form as the leading oil Jinan Diesel Power Machinery plate.
    Jinan Diesel Engine Development Goals: mid-2006, sales revenue exceeded 10 billion. In the "Eleventh Five-Year" period that in 2010, the annual production capacity of 2500 units of diesel engine equivalent, the annual sales income of 15 to 20 billion yuan, the total exports reached 15 to 20%, total assets reached 20 billion yuan. High-power diesel engine land consolidation of monopoly in the Chinese oil market, continue to expand the lead in the domestic scale production; marine engines strive accounting for more than 20% of the domestic market share; gas engine in the country to become the leading brand in the industry. Jinan Diesel "brand engine establish similar products in the global image, and has a certain influence. Successful operation of the joint venture projects with foreign brand-name engine manufacturers, and new business areas began to form and extend natural gas compressors and related products, hydraulic transmission with an internal combustion engine together constitute the new product pattern of Jinan Diesel.

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